Terms & Conditions

Registration Process:

• Registration for corporate teams: Registrations Open till 1st week of December. (Actual Date to be announced)
• Eliminator Round to be held in November-December at Delhi Mumbai and Pune. (Actual dates to be announced)
• Semi Finale to be held during the second week of January, 2020 (Actual dates to be announced)
• Grand Finale to be held during the second week of March, 2020 (Actual dates to be announced)


• The corporates can register for the Tournament free of charge.
• 50 corporates will be participating for this tournament at 200 participants per corporate

Eliminator Round:

• Eliminators will take place at individual corporates for the entire day, every player will get 3 overs to play and has to score maximum points on the board.
• Top 3 players on the leaderboard of that particular corporate will be eligible for Semi Finals. (Location-wise)
• Top 50 players form the 150 players across 3 corporates will play the Semi Finals at Pune.

Semi Finale:

• All 50 players will get 3 overs each to play and have to score maximum points in the Semi Finale.
• Top 10 players on the leaderboard will participate in the Grand Finale at Pune.

Grand Finale:

• The players scoring maximum points in 6 overs and topping the leaderboard will be the Winners of the Sachin Saga VR Pro Corporate Tournament.

Terms and Conditions:

• The last date of registrations shall be on the 10th of December 2019.
• Registration is Free of Charge.
• Each and every individual at the venue of the corporate during the qualifier round has to register with their mobile number to get a coupon code to begin the match.
• During the Semi-Final round, 1 member from each corporate has to register with their mobile number to get a coupon code to begin the match.
• This league is restricted to corporates in Delhi Mumbai and Pune only.
• Qualifier set-up will be done at individual corporates for 1 day only.
• Cost for registrations will be borne by corporates only.
• No refund policy after registration is complete.
• Different branches of the same corporate will be considered as a separate team, and they need to register separately.
• In case of a tie for the same position, there will be a tie-breaker match of 1 over will take place.
• Each team since the Quarter Finals will represent their respective corporate and its location.
• 6 overs will be played by each team and the total points scored by the team will be displayed on the leaderboard, Irrespective of 6 overs being played by 1 member or all the team members, that would be the team’s respective choice.
• Travel and Lodging expenses of the Individual teams during the Quarter Finals, Semi-Finale and Finale will be borne by the respective corporates only.
• Each Team needs to travel to Mumbai for the Semi Finale and Finale.
• Prize money will be distributed after-tax deduction as per government regulation.
• During game-play, any damage caused by forceful physical activity shall be borne by the individual or respective corporates.

Decisions taken by the organizer will be deemed final.